Dear Reader,

During the couple weeks since I have started this blog, I have had a few emails with opinions and a few in-person opinions as well as the comments that have been posted. I also seem to have garnered a loyal following from two of you out there.

To everyone who has read my blog, commented on my blog either electronically or in person, who is following my blog and who has hated my blog — thank you. It would seem to me that blogs would constitute a colossal waste of disk space and internet usage if they are not read by anyone. “If a bog is posted in cyberspace with no one visiting the link to read it, does it exist in the cloud or in the bit bucket?”

I find that I am currently at a crossroads with this new form of expression due to the influx of opinions from very well-respected colleagues and friends. So, In the essence of democracy, I am conducting my first blog vote.

For those of you wishing to skip to the end of the story , click HERE. The next couple paragraphs discuss other reader’s criticisms and feedback. After that at this part of the page is a list of questions for voting. You may answer any or none or make up your own comments.

One friend told me that he found my blog “boring”. Busy Bee He would like to see pictures and work.

A well-respected mentor told me that he found Chris Bowen from Microsoft’s Blog to be one to emulate. He felt a reasonable blog should discuss such topics as one’s profession and one’s company’s growth, but not oneself. He saw the goal in this as to improve the industry, but not himself. I have to admit that my initial impetus for starting this blog was my career. It is somewhat self-centered of me. In part, I am attempting to land my first solid job after school and a “web presence” is highly encouraged.

I was hoping that by posting my technical issues, I would help other people that might be experiencing similar struggles as well as demonstrating my troubleshooting abilities. I once heard a very senior member of the technical community comment that they thought posting our failures would be very valuable. It is sometimes through our failures that we learn the most. I was also writing the blog in as much of a non-technical language as possible to be readable by a wide range of an audience – not just other programmers. It seems like I might be a bit off-target. My friend said that I was appearing as a “a simple minded blonde” instead of the competent IT Professional that I have become.

I have had some very good feedback as well. Most of it has been posted as comments on my first bog entry.

Answer as many of these questions as you wish and feel free to make your own comments:

1. Is there anything you strongly like about my blog that you think I should continue or develop?
2. Are there any technical issues you are having that I would be able to answer on my blog that you want me to address?
3. Are there any nagging questions about computers, programming, or technology you would like me to address?
4. Is there any nagging you want me to do?
5. Do you agree with any of my critics that I mentioned in this post? If yes, why? Do you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me change or do differently?
6. Do you have any criticisms yourself? For those of you who don’t know me well, it is ok to be direct, honest and blunt. It takes me less time to respond to reader requests and critique if I know what they are.
7. Is there anything you would like to see that I currently don’t have on my blog?
8. Is there a different goal for my blog that you might think of?

If you decide to vote, either leave comments or email me at:

If you don’t answer, I may be forced to blog on and on and on about myself, my cat, her new catnip and my new hairdo.

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