Dear Reader,

This past 24-hours was fun with the computer puzzle. A few people weighed in with guesses — and one non-technical person took a stab at the solution! One of my technical friend who is an IT Manager hazard some very good guesses. He thought the permissions were not working properly because I was still in the test environment and not live. Permissions makes it so you can see pages that have security on them. He also guessed that maybe the page cache was timing out. A cache is a piece of something in temporary memory. It’s possible that a cache can timeout and no longer be available.

Geroge Babey had the answer just about correct. With any computer there is some way to set it up and send the users through the system – there is a configuration file. There is a configuration file on your pc that makes it act the way you want (hopefully). In the same way there is a configuration file for a website – the web.config. He was guessing that I had missed putting in the directions to the computer there. He thought that the computer didn’t know what page to load. What actually happened was that I misspelled the name of the registration page. In essence, the computer didn’t know what page to load, but for a slightly different reason.

Geroge Babey explained that I would have never gotten an error because Visual Studio doesn’t do any check that the file specified in the web.config exists. In fact, George explained, you can specify wildcards there to unprotect entire folders – common if you have images or css styles on your register page. The funny thing is that if you had logged in, it then would have redirected you to the register page.

Crazy computer land…