Dear Reader,

Does anyone write “Dear Reader” anymore?   It may be a bit old fashioned, but I always liked it.  If enough people read this and complain and want something else, I will concede to popular demand.  Until then….

The warm glow given to me by Give Camp 2010 at the NERD in July wanes slightly with the long, dog days of summer; but the memories linger still.   What also lingers in my mind is Jim O’Neil’s quote: Facta non verba -“deeds, not words.”  Those deeds resulted in one of the best weekends I have spent in as many years as I’ve been an adult.

In this age of “dog eat dog” and doing whatever it takes to get ahead, I was in sore need of what grew out of that weekend.  While I was still an undergraduate we had a class on ethics in school —  I’m not quite sure I saw the point.  Give Camp helped me refocus on what is good, noble, admirable… and manage to ignore the people who will laugh at me for being a “sucker” or having “ethics”.

In my fledgling attempts to turn my new education into a career, I find myself turning over in my mind those experiences from that weekend.  And the question that has haunted my mind is, “Do I have to abandon everything I care about for the practical reality of earning a paycheck?” Many would say, “yes”.

For those of you who have been wondering (and for those of you who haven’t been) about my career path, the question may be in your mind, “So what is the starving programmer doing now?”   Facta non verba.

Well, other than eke out a living in a nightmarish economy, she is doing rather well for herself.

Thanks to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) I have been generously funded so that I am able to work towards my MCTS Certifications in .NET 3.5 in the area of Web Programming and Database Work.  For those of you non-techies, roughly translated means that “I write the software that makes the whole world sing”.  Since I love writing software, then part of the answer is “no”.  I will not have to completely abandon what I love to earn a paycheck.  But what will my future look like?  Facta non verba.

I still have to eat…. Stay tuned for the next blog to hear about my current undertakings!


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